A Few Days in Endel by Diana Gordon (Lucilla Andrews)

A Few Days in Endel by Lucilla AndrewsA gripping romantic suspense tale with twists and turns by the bestselling author Lucilla Andrews, writing as Diana Gordon.

Rose walks into a web of secrets and lies when she accepts an invitation from unknown relatives to the ancient family home of Endel, in a remote and misty marshland village.

Rose is welcomed by her handsome cousin, Robert, and his wife, June. They are keen to make amends for a family quarrel from generations past. But the friendly atmosphere is shattered by the mysterious David Lofthouse. Rose recognises him from her recent trip to Austria, where she almost lost her life in a freak accident. Or was it?

Why has David come to Endel? Is Rose safe under the same roof as her cousin’s house guest? After a series of eerie and near-fatal events, the shocking truth will be revealed to Rose.

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