A Sower Went Forth by Tessa Barclay

The Victorian era. Can young Morag McGrath and Rob Craigallan find love, happiness and success when they leave Scotland for a new life in North America?

“One of Britain’s most popular romance writers.” Booklist

From the moment Rob rescues Morag from a drunken docker it seems their lives will be forever entwined. But the challenges of the New World mean the couple must face hardship and many obstacles.

Rob sees a way forward when he meets the daughter of wealthy farm owners the Van Hutens. But to support Rob’s plans with Luisa, the ever loyal Morag must accept living a terrible lie.

While Rob’s ambition promises him a great fortune, can Morag find the strength to control her own fate?

And will the couple have the courage to face the tragedies that threaten their futures?

A gripping story of determination and desire. The first book in the moving Craigallan family saga. Book 2, The Stony Places, coming late October 2019.