An Insubstantial Pageant by Sheila Walsh

A young English Baroness encounters romance and peril in Imperial Vienna.

When Grand Prince Adolphus of Gellenstadt realises he is dying, he turns to his loyal friend, Baroness Lottie Raimund for help. The Prince is concerned about the ambitions of his scheming younger brother, Prince Paul, and for the future of his small principality.

Adolphus asks Lottie to travel to Vienna, as his eyes and ears at an important Congress of European powers. While there, she will also introduce his heir, Crown Princess Sophia, to society.

Two very different men are to play a part in Lottie and Sophia’s lives. Can Max Annesley, heir of the Earl of Stanton, win Lottie’s heart? And are she and Sophia in danger when Prince Paul follows them to the Austrian capital?

Amid the political games of the Congress and the breathtaking spectacle of Viennese society, Lottie must understand where her heart lies, and in whom she can trust. Otherwise, both Sophia and Gellenstadt could be at grave risk.