Bath Intrigue by Sheila Walsh

A sparkling Regency Romance set in Bath. Perfect for fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Jane Aiken Hodge and Alice Chetwynd Ley.

A young woman with a fortune attracts attention from two very different men. But do either have her best interests at heart?

Perdita Grant is left a fortune after the death of her grandfather. Her cousin, Bertrand Tillot, is furious that the inheritance didn’t come to him. With mounting gambling debts he is a desparate man.

Perdita comes to an usual arrangement with the ageing Duke of Anderley. His son, the dashing Marquis of St Ive is far from impressed. Sparks fly whenever he and Perdita meet.

Someone will stop at nothing to interfere in Perdita’s life. After a series of terrifying “accidents” she is left asking herself who she can truly trust.

Another traditional, clean Regency Romance from the award winning author.

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Read Bath Intrigue by Sheila Walsh now (from

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