Cousins of a Kind by Sheila Walsh

A young American woman turns the lives and fortunes of the Radlett family upside down. But can she win their hearts as well?

When Miss Theo Radlett arrives at Shallowford from Philadelphia, she is certainly not what her English family anticipated. Theo’s quick-tempered grandather, Lord Radlett, was expecting a male heir, and wastes no time in showing his great displeasure.

Beau Radlett, Theo’s cousin, is threatened by her appearance at the family home. Will the Radletts underestimate the lengths to which he is prepared to go, in order to safeguard his future?

And what of handsome, rakish Benedict Radlett? Can Theo rely on him as an ally, or is he only interested in using her to obtain riches for himself?

A shocking discovery and a change of heart lead Theo into deadly peril. Will the true intentions of the Radlett men be revealed before it is too late?