Girl Alone by Lucy Walker

Young Mardie Forrester ponders the identity of the handsome man who visits her store in the Australian outback. Little does she know the impact “Mr Mystery Man” will have on her life.

From the bestselling author of Australian outback romance. Over 12 million books sold worldwide.

Mardie has felt alone since the loss of her mother, and her father’s remarriage. When her godfather leaves Mardie the Breakaway, in the outback, she decides to go and live there. The managers, Mr and Mrs Richie, are kind, but Mardie wonders what it would be like to fall in love.

Jard Hunter is a hydro-geologist at the big Mining Exploration Camp. He doesn’t even look Mardie’s way, but that doesn’t stop her wondering if he could be the man of her dreams.

What chance does Mardie have against the possessive and beautiful scientist Joanna Seddon, who seems to consider Jard her own? And will a dramatic incident and a guilty secret mean that Mardie must keep her true feelings hidden forever?

Lucy Walker’s gentle, clean romances give readers a fascinating insight into the landscape, people and customs of the Western Australian outback in the mid-twentieth century.

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