Highland Interlude by Lucilla Andrews

Highland Interlude by Lucilla AndrewsYoung nurse Elizabeth Wade is asked to accompany three children to Scotland, but the trip soon proves to be medically and romantically more complicated than she could ever have imagined.

Elizabeth is quarantined at the Scottish Highlands home of Doctor Dougal Grant. Dr Grant’s reserved manner and Elizabeth’s independent spirit lead the pair to clash. Matters are made worse by the interference of glamorous neighbour Maury Valentine. She seems to see Elizabeth as a threat to her plans with the doctor.

Meanwhile, the harsh and unpredictable weather brings danger for some of the inhabitants of the small Highlands village of Gairlie. Elizabeth experiences more than one life and death situation, as she becomes involved in the daily challenges faced by the staff of the local hospital.

A touching romance set in a small hospital in the Scottish Highlands in the 1960s, with all of the trademark warmth and realism of a hospital story by Lucilla Andrews.

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