Hospital Circles by Lucilla Andrews

Hospital Circles by Lucilla AndrewsWhen student nurse Jo Dungarven falls in love with a critically ill patient it causes complications in both her professional and personal life.

Jo spends each night shift “specialing” journalist Bill Francis. Then Bill’s condition takes a turn for the worse, and the young pair are brought much closer together. Is this real love, or just a reaction to an intensely emotional situation?

Meanwhile, Jo thinks that Senior Surgical Officer Richard “Red” Leland would make an ideal husband for her widowed Aunt Margaret, and sets out to play matchmaker. But will Red and Margaret appreciate Jo’s intentions?

Bill’s father, General Francis, is also admitted to St Benedict’s Hospital, and Margaret is persuaded to return to her former career as his private nurse. Can she protect his feelings as well as his health?

The lives and emotions of these staff and patients become ever more intertwined, as they move in hospital circles.

A moving romance and a fascinating insight into the everyday lives of nurses and doctors in the 1960s, with all of the trademark warmth and realism of a hospital story by Lucilla Andrews.

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