Reaching for the Stars by Lucy Walker

When Ann Boyd arrives from England to stay with the Franklins in Kalamunda she doesn’t realise that there has been a misunderstanding. They were expecting her glamorous cousin Claire.

From the bestselling author of Australian outback romance. Over 12 million books sold worldwide.

Mrs Franklin thinks Claire would make an excellent wife for her nephew, Lang. So she writes to Claire’s Great Aunt Cassie with an invitation to come out to Australia. Somehow, Cassie accepts on behalf of the wrong great niece.

Lang runs the family’s properties and is the most eligible bachelor around. Ann is immediately drawn to him, but senses that he is more interested in his pretty young neighbour, Luie.

Ann’s gentle and helpful nature soon win over the Franklins, including Lang. But then a telegram announces that Claire intends to travel to Australia. Ann fears that, as always, she will be overshadowed by her more sophisticated cousin. And to make matters worse, her own motives in coming to Australia are under suspicion.

Then, one person’s foolish actions lead to grave danger. The outcome will force everyone to examine their true feelings.

Lucy Walker’s gentle, clean romances give readers a fascinating insight into the landscape, people and customs of the Western Australian outback in the mid-twentieth century.

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