The Call of the Pines by Lucy Walker

When Cherry Landin spots a handsome stranger on the beach it is the beginning of a journey that takes her to a cattle station in North West Australia, and beyond.

From the bestselling author of Australian outback romance. Over 12 million books sold worldwide.

Cherry accepts a job offer from Stephen Denton to act as governess to his brother’s children. The Dentons’ remote cattle station is a world away from Cherry’s sheltered life. But soon after her arrival there are bigger challenges ahead. They include the sophisticated and beautiful Tracy. She makes it clear to Cherry that she has a claim on Stephen’s affections.

As Cherry accompanies Stephen’s nephew to the nearest town for his polio injection, their light aircraft crashes in the jungle. Cherry is stranded with the child, Stephen, Tracy, and their pilot. The dangers faced by the group as they try to reach home reveal the truth about their characters.

Cherry makes some surprising discoveries about herself, not least feelings of jealousy and love. What future awaits her if they all make it back to civilization?

Lucy Walker’s gentle, clean romances give readers a fascinating insight into the landscape, people and customs of the Western Australian outback in the mid-twentieth century.

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